3 *** Residence Kurz im Schnalstal - Südtirol

Maso Corto Summer Blog – day 1

23. July 2018 | Residence Kurz      



I’m Laura and for the next few days I would like to show you how pleased and active you can spend time in Maso Corto during summer time.

Maso Corto is a little village which is located in north of Italy in Val Senales Valley. In winter people come here to ski, while in summer you can do do a lot of interesting things too. On the mountains that surround the valley are a lot of trails. You can plan a trip for the whole day and every day you can hike to a different place. On the road you can find shelters were you can eat something delicious and rest. The other thing that is popular to do in the valley is a bike trip.

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough space in your trunk, you can rent a bike from Ski & Bike Rental Ski Factory just next to the hotel! You can rent it even for the youngest member of your family. About 10 minutes going the main road down you can reach a beautiful lake called Vernagt. Way back is harder because it’s uphill. But after a hard way back you can drink something fresh and chill in newly opened Sepp’s Garden Bistro.

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