3 *** Residence Kurz im Schnalstal - Südtirol

17. Boardadventure – Opening by Boardbreakers

9. October 2011 | Residence Kurz      

Val Senales - Maso Corto14.-16. October 2011


Sepp Platzgummer & Team Top***Residence Kurz

Val Senales - Maso Corto Val Senales - Maso Corto

Migration of the sheep – September 2011

26. August 2011 | Residence Kurz      

The return of some 4,000 sheep from their summer pastures in Austria

11th September
The flocks begin their journey home over the Hochjoch to Kurzras where about 2,000 sheep usually arrive between 3p.m. an 4p.m. Traditional Shepherds’Festival follows.
17th September
Up to 2,000 sheep cross the Niederjoch to arrive at Vernagt between 12a.m. and 1p.m. Traditional Shepherds’Festival follows.

Iceman – 20 th anniversary of the discovery

12. August 2011 | Residence Kurz      

Monument in the place to find Ötzi On 19 September 2011, at the 20th anniversary of the discovery of Ötzi, a party will take place directly on the place of occurrence, the Giogo Tasca. The festivities are organized together for the Ente Ötztal Tourism, on the initiative and direction of the Val Senales.

Ötzi Ötzi

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