3 *** Residence Kurz im Schnalstal - Südtirol

Skirent & Testcenter Maso Corto

4. November 2012 | Residence Kurz      

In a brand new Testscenter & Hire Ski Maso Corto You will find the top skis of Blizzard and K2. Directly in Top  Residence Kurz we provide also full-equipped workshop to services and repair ski.

Ski Blizzard At the glacier

For guest Top*** Residence Kurz  we offer discount of 10 %.  For family with children under 10 years (when hire: ski, boots, sticks and helmet) for 2 days – in price 10 € and for 6 days in price 20 €, children under 14 years for  in price 50 € (for 6 days).

Ski K2  Ski K2

Ski K2  At the glacier

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